Automotive Consultancy

Under ASEAN AUTOMOTIVE, one of the Companies incorporated to the Oriental Business Group, we develop Automotive Consultancy through a diversified spectrum of services:


In Oriental Business Group, we support our clients on development of their network in new targeted markets. We analyze the market, the taxation system and competitor’s market. Then we scout the possible candidates to join the distribution network and work with them to reach the standards of the Brand. We support not only until the signage of the contract but far beyond, supporting even on the consecution of the business plans, establishment of the warranty and parts systems and arranging meetings with the Key potential customers with the aid to facilitate the introduction of the Brand.

Our automotive experts have a wide understanding of the industry in ASEAN and have strong links and connections with the Government Agencies and key players at different levels of production, distribution, law makers and lobby groups.

All this deep understanding of the Automotive Industry as a Whole allows Oriental Business Group providing all kind of information services like advising on manufacturing locations, cost savings and manufacturing processes, as well as access to vital information like competitor’s location, registrations or sales volumes.


Oriental Business Group is involved with the implementation of Green Vehicles and Electric cars in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. We are consultants for governments and OEMs on the promotion of battery, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell electric drive technologies and infrastructure.

Our team and via the electric vehicle associations we belong, conducts public policy advocacy, consultancy services and provides education and awareness, to develop the Green Industry in ASEAN.

We also promote the establishment of a network of power stations Nationwide to allow vehicles being recharged within different key service stations and shopping malls, granting better access to energy sources for all the electric car users.

We are in continuous contact with the Government to promote the dialogue with the OEMs and establish a supportive legal frame which should boost the production of electric vehicles in the Country, and make of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia the three countries of reference for Production of electric cars.


The automotive tier industry is experiencing a significantly growth in South is Asia. Thailand alone, manufactures more than 1.8 Million vehicles per year, Indonesia is following getting close to 1 Million already. The amount of suppliers localizing in SEA is experiencing a similar growth to its demand of components, and this supply is beneficing of qualified and economic labor plus a wide market where import taxes are decreasing every year.

Oriental Business Group offer services to foreign automotive companies which want to buy auto parts in ASEAN markets. Our wide experience in automotive industry allow us to select the right suppliers, supervise the quality control and coordinate the warranty and possible claims from our customers, no matter where they are located.


One of our main vehicles to contribute to the Automotive Industry in ASEAN is through the organization of Summits, gather the key players of the Industry together with our experts and important guest speakers from the government and the Companies collaborating with us, such as KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Our summits have international scope and give our guests a 360 degrees of the automotive industry in the different countries, including information such as the market, law regulations, taxation and costs savings, labor and training.

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