Litigation and Disputes


Oriental Business Group litigators and lawyers ensure that our clients are defended and properly represented at the Royal Thai Police premises, Office of the Attorney General, the Courts of Justice, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior. We believe in a professional proactive approach to obtain the speediest cost effective legal solutions to obtain success in claim and defense actions and criminal proceedings.

Our qualified Thai English speaking lawyers with years of experience in Thai Criminal Law and supported by international lawyers, fully represent our clients in cases of fraud, robbery, money laundering, extorsion, drugs, extraditions and a number of criminal offenses.

We work close to the Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Thailand to ensure that the rights of our clients arrested or imprisoned are protected accordingly.

Due to our reputation in the area of Criminal Law, we feel glad to have selected by international organizations to report on prisons and political conflicts in different geographical locations as well as monitoring human rights.

On 2018 our lawyers worked against very famous extradition proceedings in Thailand of foreign citizens arrested by international police divisions.


We have represented foreign and Thai clients in Personal injury, Divorce and Custody of a child in different courts in Thailand. Although we will always advice our clients to negotiate and settle outside the court, we are highly qualified to protect your interests in the different courts of Thailand on civil and family disputes.

Civil and Family law are areas of expertise of our lawyers and we work for you representing you in court and enforcing the court decisions on your behalf.


We understand the importance of avoiding long, costly and sometimes unpredictable litigation proceedings in Thailand, hereby our Thai lawyers and foreign legal professionals will always act in the most appropriate way to defend you in the short and long term of our professional engagement.

We have well trained lawyers who gained negotiations skills from top universities in UK and international organizations such as United Nations. Some of our senior lawyers and partners have worked during many years in Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation centers in Thailand and abroad.

Oriental Business Group arbitrators and lawyers are professional capable to enter into negotiations with third parties and conduct a constructive dialog that bring the different parties to a scenario of resolution of conflicts and disputes.