A legal update on Public Private Partnership regulation and projects in Thailand

The lawyers of OBG Legal have been always well known for our experience on civil construction and infrastructure projects, in Thailand but also outside of Thailand. This has been reflected in different engagements for EPC companies, numerous publications on construction magazines and our participation as speakers in different seminars on PPP in Asian countries such […]

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Updates on the work permit in Thailand August 2018

Thailand prescribed Foreigners’ Working Management Emergency Decree, B.E. 2560 (2017) (Decree No.1) in 2017. Follow by new law earlier this year, on 27th of March 2018, the Foreigners’ Working Management Emergency Decree, B.E.2561 (2018) (Decree No.2) was issued, addressing significant changes of regulations concerning work permit requirements. As a matter of fact, the amendments provide […]

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Our legal comments on International Headquarters and International Trade Centers in Thailand

Different ASEAN countries are looking to attract investments and consequently the different governments and investments agencies are offering interesting incentives to attract the incorporation of headquarters and trade centers in the main cities and hubs of South East Asia. According to Thai Law, International Headquarter (IHQ) is a company that provide managerial, technical, supporting service […]

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Comments on Foreign Business License in Thailand

In general terms, as we already know, foreigners doing business in Thailand without majority of Thai shareholders are absolutely restricted and prohibited from engaging in some categories of business activities while some businesses require business license or certificate in compliance with Thai Foreign Business Act 1999. Under Thai Foreign Business Act, the concept of foreigner […]


Legal comments on the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan under scheme of Thailand 4.0

Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is the most ambitious project or development Plan under scheme of Thailand 4.0. The plan aims to attract foreign investment at the well-known Eastern Seaboard Development Program (ESB) based on the successful precedent of moving that area economy from agriculture to a hub of manufacturing industry, increasing economic growth rate to […]

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Update on Tax and Non-Tax Incentives under Thailand BOI for Electric Vehicles

In order to promote investments in targeted industries for the development of domestic’ automotive industry, the Board of Investment has prescribed as follows: No. 1 Amended Section 4.8.3 by added the activities as follows: Battery Management Systems (BMS) Inverter Drive Control Units (DCU) Portable Electric Vehicle Charger On-Board Charger […]

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Know your client and the next steps to regulate Blockchain and Bitcoin in Thailand

Cryptocurrency and digital currencies are catching the attention of the South East Asian regulators due to its main three essential innovations and characteristics: 1) Absence of physical appearance 2) Distributed ledger and 3) Encryption. In our jurisdiction, Thailand, there are already local companies offering cryptocurrency, initially thought as a crowdfunding and the main commercial banks […]