Real Estate and Hospitality


Our clients understand the importance to rely on experienced real estate Thai and foreign lawyers to secure the sales and purchase of villas, apartments and condominiums in the land of smiles. We have a long-proven track record of success advising foreign and Thai families on transactions related to luxury residential assets.

We visualize the need of our clients to communicate fluidly with our lawyers and feel protected by specialists who know about real estate in Thailand and know how to manage relevant aspects such as international bank transfers, exchange currency rates, house registration book, the 49% available for foreigners in Condominium projects and tittle deed at the Land Department.

We often work from buyer and seller side and liaise with real estate agents to shield the interests of Oriental Business Group clients.


Oriental Business Group lawyers have assisted Thai and Foreign clients in connection with investments in and bankability of a variety of transactions related to commercial property assets, including office properties, large resorts, golf courses, boutique hotels, horse stables and shopping centers.

As the portfolio of commercial properties of our clients is not only based on Thailand but allocated in different jurisdictions, we have gained experience structuring commercial real estate developments in multiple countries and providing services such as:

  • Securing real estate transactions
  • Drafting and negotiating sale & purchase agreements and lease contract
  • Commercial Real estate and Company due diligence
  • Construction and architectural law
  • Land ownership rights under BOI
  • Finance and Loans
  • Environmental law
  • Insurance and Taxation

Recently our property lawyers have advised to one of the largest European hospitalities companies to enter into Thailand and legally structure its business.


The Due diligence is a must in all residential and commercial real estate transactions in Thailand. We specialize in real estate transactions for Thai people as well as foreigners, therefore we advise our clients to hire real estate lawyers to protect their interests. On a regular base we conduct due diligence and legal investigations involving translations, site inspections, bank loans and review of land titles of ownership in Bangkok, Pattaya and different touristic islands of the south such as Krabi, Phuket or Samui.

By confirming with legal reports, the genuine ownership with the Land Department and lack of active disputes or litigation on the land plots in any court of Thailand, we are able to make secure any real estate transaction in Thailand from condominium purchases, land leases and commercial properties such as hotels, shopping malls and factories.

Moreover, Oriental Business Group real estate and property lawyers in Thailand are trained to elaborate complex Sale-Purchase and Lease contracts and subsequently registering Land Purchase and Long-Term Leases.